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Bring your team together with fun, inspiring and creative workshops.

We've worked with big and small groups, from 4 to 200participants. 

Prudential Corporation Asia

Press Flower Candle Workshop


AECOM Hong Kong

Eclipse Candle Workshop

AECOM Team Building Activity1.JPG
AECOM Team Building Activity2.JPG

Baker Mckenzie

On site Evening Wine and Candle Event

Bakermckenzie Team Building2.jpg
Bakermckenzie Team Building1.jpg

Clyde & Co

2 Days Team Building Event

Clyde and Co Team Recreation2.jpg
Clyde and Co Team Recreation1.jpg

Four Season Place

Massage Candle DIY

Four Season Place Residential Activities1.jpg
Four Season Place Residential Activities3.jpg

Loreal Group

Pinnacle Candle Workshop

Loreal Group Annual Team Activity2.jpg
Loreal Group Annual Team Activity1.jpg

Ritz Calton Wedding Expo 

Floral Sachet

Ritz Carlton Wedding Expo Candle Workshop1.jpg
Ritz Carlton Wedding Expo Candle Workshop2.jpg

Sidley Austin LLP

Fun Atum and Massage Candle Evening Party

Sidley Fun Candle Workshop2.jpg
Sidley Fun Candle Workshop1.jpg

Swire Group

Team Building Activities

Swire Team Building Hong Kong1.jpg
Swire Team Building Hong Kong2.jpg

Want to arrange an activity?
Talk to us and see what we can help!

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